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Rosser, Incorporated

 A Division of Rosser Trucking MC # 607533 and Rosser Logistics MC# 751764

Rosser, Inc. is family owned and operated with over 20 years in the transportation industry. All of our agents have been Owner Operators or Small Fleet Owners. They have proven that they know how to get the job done right!


Not only does Rosser, Inc. operate trucks of their own, but they also have a carrier base of over 1,000 trucks that have been tried and proven that they can operate and perform like a company driver. Plus, we have lease operators.

We specialize in Super Loads, Oversize Loads, RGN Loads, Step Deck Loads and Flat Bed Loads. We are able to and capable of providing the equipment to not only transport loads in excess of 350,000 lbs but also have the ability to load, unload, warehouse, import and export to and from the United States.

Please feel free to contact Rosser, Inc. for any and all of your transportation needs. We will transport anything large or small. Call or e-mail for more info.



      Rosser, Incorporated

                  A division of Rosser Trucking (MC-607533) and Rosser Logistics (MC-751764)        


                                      PO Box 1798

                              Ridgecrest, CA  93556             











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